About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Angelique and I am a mum and teacher. I am married to my best friend in the whole world, Vince! We made an incredible human named Louis and he brings us so much joy each day and has us wrapped around his little finger. Well, all his fingers really! We have a Spoodle named Henry and he’s a cheeky dog to say the least! We love to travel and have spent our whole relationship exploring the world. We are both avid readers and own so many books we have no idea where to put them!

I have spent some time away from the classroom, taking time out to raise my little boy. Being a mum is the best job yet! Even though I am thoroughly enjoying my time at home, I am looking forward to working in the classroom part time from here on in.  The challenges and successes of the classroom are addictive… and starting this Blog helps me express my love for learning and continue to support my community by sharing my knowledge.

Learning is my life! In fact, I’m obsessed by it! I became a teacher because I love learning so much. I particularly love reading and picture story books, and I have seen first hand their capacity to enhance the learning and engagement of children. I also love PLAY and its ability to get the minds of little people ticking!

In this blog I share my love and knowledge of early learning in a few different ways. Firstly I’ll share a bunch of beautiful picture story books. Sometimes I’ll be sharing a book just because I love it and think it’s adorable. And sometimes I will show you how we can use books for learning purposes.  For example, I believe there is a book out there for every wondering or theme in life. Whether you are wanting to teach your children about friendship, the human body, death, resilience or love, I can guarantee you, there’s a picture book for it! So when I come across a great theme, I’ll make a whole list of my favourites for you guys to use in your everyday lives.

Secondly, I will regularly write tips for you guys so the reading experience can be more positive. Tips on engaging your child, how to improve your child’s comprehension or working out tricky words. I am often asked by parents “What questions should I ask?” or “What should I say to my child when we are reading?” So I also suggest a few discussion points for you to use as well! You’re welcome! I’ll throw in some great responses to these books too, so while you are on Instagram look out for the hashtag #beyondthebook and that’s where you’ll find some great follow up activities to the books I post about. You will see the great suggestions from other bloggers too!

Lastly, I will share any great early learning activities, all play based, that will enhance the thinking and learning skills of your little readers. They will have a range of focuses like counting, shapes, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and problem solving.

If you have any questions or ideas for this space please just shoot me an email. Head to my contact page for details.

Come along for the ride with me, into the magical world of kids literature, early learning and PLAY! You will be amazed at how much your little readers can learn!

Happy Reading!

A xxx