As we meet the end of 2019 I have taken the time to reflect on the year gone by and it’s many blessings. Not only did we welcome another baby boy to the Heads Shoulders Knees family, our eldest boy grew and developed in leaps and bounds- making us the proudest parents.

Head Shoulders Knees continues to provide me with the creative outlet I need, and a wonderful platform for me to share my knowledfe and passion for education, play and life with children.

During this new year period, we have made a pledge to discuss our greatest blessings, biggest challenges and also reflect on how we can do good in 2020. I encourage you to do the same!

To help us along, I have come up with a bunch of questions to ask each other and get the conversation started. Feel free to use these questions around the dinner table tonight, or your next new years gathering, to support you to delve deep into your year past, and year ahead!

And as always, feel free to contact me via comments or email!

Happy New Year everyone!

A xo

Questions for Reflection

-What are your top 3 moments of 2019?

-When did you feel the most brave this year?

-When did you feel scared this year?

-What was your favourite outing or event?

-Is there something from this year that you would do differently?

-What is something you wish you did this year?

– Something you are looking forward to for next year?

– Tell a family member about something you are proud of them for.

– What are the 3 things you are most grateful for this year?

– What did you learn about yourself this year.

– What is something you are proud of this year?

– What was your tastiest meal this year?

– Which movie made you laugh the most this year?

– One word to describe this year.

– Tell us of a new skill you learned this year.

– When did you laugh the most this year?

– Who did you meet or make friends with this year?

– Best thing you did for someone else this year.

– A time where someone else helped you this year.

– A time you helped another person.