“I’m not going!!” Nope, no sir, nuh ahh!

Have you felt this way before, where there’s a “huff” in your heart or a grump in your grin?! I have, and I know our littlest readers grapple with feeling like this alot in our busy 21st century world!! Have a read to learn more about this beautiful book which is sure to help kids (even adults) manage unhappy feelings!

Mr Huff by Anna Walker

This has to be one of my all time fave books!
Not only are the illustrations sweet and effective, the story is so powerful!
In today’s world we are inundated with complaints of unhappiness, melancholy and lack of presence. The questions often asked “How do I cope with these unhappy thoughts and feelings?” “How can I be peaceful and stay present in my world?” Questions our little readers will ask someday.

So who is Mr Huff anyway?
Mr Huff is that horrible feeling that follows you around when you’re sad or blue! Mr Huff can even grow bigger and bigger some days!
In this story, Bill has Mr Huff hanging around all day long! Ergh!! ? He’s sick of Mr Huff and how crappy it makes him feel!
Bill knows what to do! He’ll fight Mr Huff and push him away!! That ought to get rid of him!! But does it work?



So it turns out that pushing away unhappy thoughts and feelings doesn’t work! Trying so desperately only makes them bigger and bigger!! So Bill decides to embrace Mr Huff. Dance with him, play with him and even love him!

What happens?? Mr Huff gets smaller and smaller. And Bill can enjoy his day again because he’s not consumed with trying to push Mr Huff away!


This book provides such a wonderful lesson in mindfulness and peace. Get present in your day to day world, be peaceful and accepting of all of your thoughts and feelings (good and bad). The more you attend to the Mr Huffs in your head, the more they’ll take over. But if we accept our Mr Huffs, even embrace them, we have more space in our minds to attend to life… peacefully!

If your little reader is grappling with anything difficult at the moment, please get your hands on this book! You won’t be sorry.
Peace and Happy reading Readers!

A xxx