Welcome to 2018! Wow, another year has passed and I feel like each year goes quicker and quicker. I just wanted to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself and what Heads Shoulders Knees is all about.

Firstly, if you are new to this space then a warm welcome goes out to you! And if you are a long time reader then welcome back, and thanks for sticking around.

I’m Angelique. A teacher, wife and Mum of one. I love learning and I am an avid reader. I am particularly interested in picture story books and their ability to connect and engage young readers. I believe in mindfulness and I try my best to encourage this for my little boy and for my students. I think that slowing down and behaving mindfully can have a positive impact on how much learning actually happens in the brains of young people. I am also a HUGE advocate for PLAY. I believe play is so important for all people (old and young) because it stimulates the brain to be more creative, solve problems, think critically and ask questions! Early learning is my niche and expertise. Primary school aged children are like little sponges so I love the idea of being able to pour all the good stuff into their brains!

This space is a place where I can share my professional knowledge of early learning, with a focus mostly on literacy (mostly because I am obsessed with reading! Ha!) I share my love and collection of picture story books and I link them to great follow up activities, discussion topics or life’s themes. I’ll also share some early learning activities that assist in fine motor/gross motor development, problem solving and creativity. I try to cover all of this while maintaining my philosophy of mindfulness.

There’s no real rhyme or reason in the things that I share, I just go with what inspires me at the time. I will also share ideas based on the requests of my followers too! And that brings me to this… what do you want to see on Heads Shoulders Knees in 2018? What questions or concerns do you have about your child’s reading and learning? What topics would you like me to cover? Which books do you want me to explore? How can I help you get the most out of your reading and learning experiences with your young children? Please email me any ideas, thoughts, questions or requests you may have and I will try my very best to address them!

I look so forward to connecting with you all in 2018! Here’s to many lively and positive discussions about early learning, literacy and the joys of meshing all of this together with the busyness of being a parent! Let’s slow it down, let’s be mindful, and let’s make the learning experiences for our littlest ones more positive and peaceful.

Most importantly, let’s do this together! 🙂

A xxx