If you’re new around here then you may not know how much we love and respect the Montessori approach for learning and life. And if you’re not new around here… then you have heard me bang on about it more than once. Hehe!

We believe that a Montessori approach to home life and play can have real benefits when it comes to your child’s learning and development as a human. It provides a child centered approach where the student guides the exploration of play and learning by their own interests and curiosities. It encourages imaginative and collaborative play and hands on learning. The Montessori teacher allows the student to guide the learning and just acts as a facilitator in the process. Educators are highly respectful of the students interests and needs and provides a safe and nurturing space for learning.

We have enrolled L into a Montessori learning centre and he has been attending for the last 6 months. His development of self, language, independence and thinking has been outta sight! We could not have imagined how much he was about to change. His classroom is neat and tidy and the equipment is organised and accessible. He knows the processes of his classroom and can show me the intricacies of this when I go to pick him up.

But what about Montessori at home? How do we establish a Montessori lifestyle at home for our son? Well, we do this in many ways, mostly by respecting and encouraging him to explore his own needs and curiosities. But… Simone Davies, the author of The Montessori Toddler, wrote a post on her blog about this very thing. She talks about how to live a Montessori lifestyle even if your child doesn’t attend a Montessori school. It is so succinct and outlines the strategies we both use so perfectly, I have included a link for you to head over to her blog to have a read.

Here it is guys! https://www.themontessorinotebook.com/can-we-apply-montessori-approach-at-home/

Head on over and have a read, then I would love to hear back from you with any thoughts, ideas or questions you may have.

And feel free to check out Simone’s socials https://www.instagram.com/themontessorinotebook/


Happy reading!

A xo