I love LOVE! Like, I am obsessed with it. I enjoy reading novels about love and watching romantic comedies! And weddings!! Don’t even get me started on weddings! I am a blubbering mess as soon as I see the bride!

So in celebration of my own love for my beautiful hubby and spunky son, I thought I would treat you with a bunch of book recommendations to help spread that goodness all over!!

Grab a loved one and tell them I LOVE YOU!! See how good that feels?! Ahhhh! ?

Snuggle up Readers and enjoy!


XO, OX: A Love Story
“Dear Gazelle,
For some time now I have wanted to write a letter to say how much I admire you. You are so graceful and fine. Even when you are running from tigers you are like a ballerina who is running away from tigers.
I think that what I’m trying to say is that I love you.
Om my goodness, talk about sweet! Ox is so in love with Gazelle he writes a letter to express himself. And so it begins. A tale of love all expressed through correspondence.

This story is so hilarious and cute. I love that Ox is clumsy and hopeless while Gazelle is beautiful and graceful. Adam Rex writes creatively and the language is so lovely, while Scott Campbell’s illustrations bring so much joy and fun.

This is definitely a romance for generations to come! ?


Worm Loves Worm

This beautiful story is a celebration of love in all its splendid forms!
“You are cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of a worm . . . and a worm.”
When a worm meets a special worm and they fall in love and get married! But everyone around them wants to know—who will wear the dress? And who will wear the tux? And you know what… it doesn’t matter. Because, Worm loves Worm.

I love how this book reminds us that love is love. Man with man, woman with woman, man with woman! It’s all the same and it’s all real and beautiful. This is a great story to use with your little ones to start a discussion about the many different ways that love looks around this big world!



This is one of my all time favourites. I always read it to my students. It is such a tender love story. It’s witty and innocent love and friendship is so sweet.

Bobby and Betty gaze over the new moon and Betty suddenly wonders what happened to the old one. Bobby then runs around, in the most imaginative ways, trying to save, share and gift his beautiful Betty with her very own moon. Such a beautiful love story with sweet and happy illustrations.

Moonthief is perfect for reading aloud with your little readers and is perfect for anyone in love!!


Henry in Love

Henry in Love takes me back to that giddy school girl feeling when I had my first ever crush!! Henry has a crush on Chloe. He thinks she is so lovely! And it certainly seems like Chloe likes him back.

I like this book because not only is it super cute, but it can be used to show children those times when you might have to interpret other people’s actions to explain feelings. The simple illustrations give lovely subtle clues about how the characters feel about each other. It also provides great opportunities to start conversations about what it means to not only give love but also receive love.

And Tango Makes Three

Ok, so this book has been a bit debated and even banned in some libraries across the world. BUT I love it and have been touched by it. It’s the true story of two male penguins in Central Park zoo who didn’t have any interest in the girl penguins but definitely liked each other. The zoo keepers saw this bond that the two penguins had and gave them an egg to care for. Roy and Silo cared for their egg and raised their son Tango like any other penguin pair would do.

If you want to talk to your child about the presence of love in a same sex relationship, and how families are different, then I think it’s a great book for you!

If it’s not for you, then that’s ok too. ?


I Love You Stinky Face

Such a fabulous story to appeal to the gritty, boisterous kids who don’t like talking about the ickiness of love. A little boy in his PJs asks his mum if she will still love him even if he was all of these stinky, terrible characters. He keeps trying to find ways to make him unlovable, and his mum keeps finding ways to love him unconditionally. It’s the deeper meaning that I love. If you see past the fun illustrations to the real heart of this book, you’ll see that is no matter what we love our children. She loves her son’s craziness and “stinky face” regardless. Definitely a long time keeper this one!!!


Slugs in Love

Cuteness overload!!! Marylou is a slug… a shy slow, slippery slug. She is desperate to get Herbie, her love crush, to notice her. You see, she loves Herbie. She loves his slimy trail, his stretchy body and how he always finds the tastiest tomatoes!! Find out how Marylou woos her beloved in this “must-have” love-story. It’s so gorgeous I can’t take it!


You and Me
Ok so I have a confession. This last book about love is my favourite! But it’s not for the kids. It’s for YOU! Kids don’t have to get all the good stuff, right?!

Call it serendipity. Call it fate. Whatever you call it, I find it so amazing when people find love in unexpected places!

In this story one cat shares his love for his sweetheart by pondering the “what ifs” of life and love! What if I ran late that day? What if I went back home to get something? What if there was traffic? What if I didn’t meet you? My heart aches just thinking about it.
The language in this book is superb and the pictures are just gorgeous!

Enjoy this one with a glass of red and share it with your number 1 love! How romantic!!


Happy reading Readers! 🙂