Mother’s Day is super exciting for me now because I have my very own little boy to celebrate with! This is a perfect time to bunker down with the kids and read a beautiful story about mums everywhere and how much they do for us! So I decided to help you out and list my top 5 reads about mums! I hope you can find one that you love!

My Mummy Hung the Moon

Such a beautiful celebration of unconditional love between mother and child. This Mummy is the best at everything! She bakes cookies, steals bases and she carpools! The pictures in this book are funny and colourful. The little ones will love it!

This book is a lovely keepsake, and we read it over and over again. It’s the perfect definition of a magical relationship between a mother and her children.

So, snuggle up tight with your little readers and celebrate your love with this sweet story.

Here’s a tip for the little readers out there (Shhhh! It’s a surprise for Mum): Why don’t you make a list of the many things your mummy can do and decorate it with colours and pictures. Add some paints and glitter to make it extra special for mum (Dads can clean up this time!)



Such a sweet book sharing the big love that is shared between animal babies and their mamas. What is so cute is that even the littlest readers can see similarities between what love and care looks like for animals and humans. Mum feeds me breakky, the same way penguin mamas feed their young. Etc etc. See if your kiddo can identify ways in which it is the same for them and their relationship with you!

The language is simple and succinct and the pictures are soft and pretty. It’s definitely a good one for the youngest of readers. Enjoy!



So this little book isn’t a typical Mother’s Day read, but bear with me. It’s equally as special!

All around the world, babies and children can be carried in all sorts of ways! It could be using slings, on shoulders in arms or even in baskets. This special book depicts ten places from all over the world and how children are carried in that country/culture.

What I love most about this magical book is that it shows mums, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins etc, carrying a baby lovingly.  What a simple way to show children that sometimes a child’s mother is actually a father, or a big sister, or a grandparent or an aunt. This book celebrates diversity so beautifully and the cut and paste collage pictures make it even more engaging for your little ones. The regular use of the phrase “Upsy Daisy” will keep readers engaged and is a nice little reminder that the special love a parent (whoever that may be or whatever that may look like for you) is universal!

If your family situation isn’t the “conventional” one, and you want to celebrate the love between a “carer” and a child rather than just a mother and a child, this might be the one for you!

Get the cut and paste out, get the scrap paper out, and make a collage with the kiddos! PVA glue works great!! Enjoy!


Can’t go past this gem about Mum by Anthony Browne.

A wonderful celebration of mums everywhere around the world! A really cute way of showing how kids view their mums and how they look up to them! Mum is strong, she can juggle, she can paint… basically she’s the best! Little kids will find it familiar and funny and you will probably get a laugh too!!



“You have ants in your pants!” “Shake a leg!” “You’re off with the pixies!”

I bet we’ve heard all of these before! Heck, we’ve probably used them ourselves.

Such a funny and accurate portrayal of the strange and wonderful things mums say! I literally laughed out loud when reading this book because the things inside are so true. The pictures are bright and interesting and I can almost feel the confusion of the poor kid in the story trying to make sense of his mum’s language! Ha! Young children take everything so literally poor darlings!

Definitely get your hands on this one guys! You and your little readers will love it!!

Happy reading and Happy Mother’s Day Readers!

A x