October means HALLOWEEN! YIKES!

In Australia the whole Halloween thing isn’t a huge deal, nonetheless I’ll be sharing some great Halloween books for those of you who like to get into the spooky spirit!

This first book I found at my school library! Spooky Tricks!! How fun?!

If you can find this old gem at your local library I definitely would borrow it asap! A whole book dedicated to tricky pranks?! Ummm yes please!!

A perfect addition to a cool Halloween costume is a clever prank to go with it! It might even earn your little readers some extra candy while trick or treating!!


Get your Halloween craft on little readers!! Another oldie but a goodie!
This rad book has a bunch of cool Halloween crafts for your little readers to try!
The dancing skeleton was a total win with my students at school!! Perhaps make one of these bad boys to take trick or treating with you?!


Thank you www.littlebookroom.com.au for letting me raid the Halloween shelves!!

“There’s a Monster in your Book” is a cute story about a cheeky monster that just WON’T get out of the book no matter how hard the reader shakes, wiggles or tips it!! ?

Came across this gem at storytime and let me say, the little ones loved the participation!! So many giggles and cheers throughout the story as we tipped and wriggled the book in all directions to try and get rid of the monster!

I’d highly recommend trying to evict that monster for yourselves!


Flying Eye Books! Need I say more?! ?

Hugo Makes a Change is about a meat eating vampire that craves all things red and juicy at every meal! But as he starts to feel a bit sluggish and slow he decides to turn his attention to those weird things growing in the garden!

Ever tried offering vegetables to those trick or treaters?? Ha!! Not sure how it will go down but it’s worth a try! If Hugo can get on the vegies and off the meat then maybe we can get off the sweets??


Poor old Boo doesn’t really know where he fits in! He feels so invisible! Hehe!
But maybe there are times where being invisible is a good thing?! Ask your little readers to think of times where they would love to be invisible! I wonder what creative things their imagination will conjure up?!
Maybe they could spook their friends on Halloween?! Yesss!


This great board book is super fun!! A bunch of silly sheep get all dressed up on Halloween and head out trick or treating together! They are dressed as mummies, witches and vampires! Ooo haaaaa!!! They visit cows, chickens and horses, and get bags full of delicious treats.

However, waiting in the woods are some creepy wolves… dressed as sheep. Hoping for they’re own feed!
Byt don’t worry, it all works out. Turns out wolves are terrified of mummies, witches and vampires! Ha! 

This book is definitely a good laugh!!
Thanks www.littlebookroom.com.au for my copy!

Hope you could find some spooky reads here my friends! Until next year, Mu hu ha ha hahaaa! 🙂