Welcome back readers!

Thanks so much for following my blog posts and my Instagram account. I really love researching beautiful stories and sharing them with you. I celebrate the popular titles that have stood the test of time, the newbies that are getting a lot of social media buzz, and even those old school, unknown gems that I find deep down in my own collection.

As you know by now, books are totally my bag!

But why Heads Shoulders Knees? What does that name even mean? How is it relevant? Man, even the Joey is thinking hard about it! Well think no more Joey, I am about to explain it to you.

You see, in the world of primary school teaching, we often need a way to gain our students attention. Think back to when you were in school. What did your teacher do to get the class’s attention? Did he/she ring a bell, clap their hands, YELL, or do the old silent treatment? You know the one. Where teachers stand there staring at the class, waiting for everyone to shoosh up. Then they say “Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to finish,” in a smug, sarcastic way. Ha! All you teachers out there. You know what I am talking about. And we all know that is actually code for “OMG I am about to lose my sh** and I am afraid if I yell I may swear at someone and get fired so I had better stand here in silence instead.” Am I right teachers?? #teachersunite

Well, my colleagues and I will usually sing a catch phrase to get the students attention. Lots of teachers do it this way these days. The catch phrase that the teacher calls out is usually followed up by a response from the children. The children responding is a great way to know if you have grabbed their attention or not. For example, I may sing out the words “Toffee Apple,” in a nice rhythm, and the students would respond by singing it back to me in the exact same way! Teachers tend to gravitate towards the same few. It’s kind of a way to represent their style.

My style involves a few different catch phrases. Those who have worked closely with me will know exactly which ones they are. I love singing “Okie Dokie,” and hearing the kids repeat it. This one is very much ingrained in my school’s culture. I also love “Cool Bananas,” which often gets a bit of a giggle with the children. But my favourite, and the one I love most, is when I call out to the children “Heads Shoulders Knees!” and they respond “Listen Please!” It’s fun and silly, but it always engages the kiddos right when I need it.

So that’s how it happened. “Heads Shoulders Knees” is kind of my thing. It’s the way I connect with my students in our classroom. It’s relaxed and cheerful so I thought it was the perfect name for my blog, and a jovial way to be known among my social media peers. 🙂

So happy I could explain that little piece of me with you guys. Thanks so much for checking in!

Happy Reading!

A xxx