If you have been following along on my Instagram you will know that our son experiences separation anxiety at his Montessori drop off. I am so grateful to the people who have reached out to me to share their ideas and insights about how to ease our son’s separation anxiety. The biggest takeaway from your messages is that this is VERY COMMON!

So I thought, after all of your lovely suggestions, I would collate them so we could refer back to them whenever we need!

Here goes:

– Take a favourite toy to keep him company

– Wear a lanyard with a picture of us on it so he can look at it when he misses us

– Make a social story about going to Montessori including processes that happen during the day – Take the social story to school everyday to flick through when he feels nervous

– Take a photo album of the family to school to look at when he misses us

– Set up a weekly timetable at home using picture symbols so he can be aware and expectant of school days

– Ask school to give him special jobs to do in the morning

– Ask the educators to have a set process in place for his arrival

– Read the book The Invisible String and use some wool to make a spider web between family members at home. Notice when one person tugs on the string, others in the family feel it too. Then use some of that wool to make a little bracelet to wear.

– Read The Kissing Hand and make tiny felt hearts to sew into his shorts so when he misses us, he can reach into his pocket for a felt heart.

– Positive talk about the day ahead

– Make a plan for after school and be clear with who will pick him up and what will happen at that time.

– Get him to assist in packing his bag and putting something special in there to share with his friends.

– Accompany him into the classroom for a few minutes to help him get settled in.

– Making little notes for his friends and teachers and he has to deliver them in envelopes.

– Seeing a counsellor

– A book suggestion for us parents was Self Reg by Dr Stuart Shanker

I hope that all of these wonderful suggestions can be helpful to you guys… and now go and cuddle your kids! 🙂


A xo