There are many wonderful accounts on Instagram who advocate for Art in the early years life (@ohcreativeday is just one amazing example). It turns out that our son is deeply engaged and very much in love with creating art. We find his creations blu tacked all over our house- like little surprises everywhere.

We know that plenty of kids out there love creating art because it’s fun, but what is it actually doing for their brains? Here are a few fantastic benefits!

– Art promotes creativity and provides great sensory experiences. By drawing on our senses, when we create art, we are gifted the chance to interpret and make sense of our world. For kids, this is so exciting because it’s another creative way to learn.

– Of course it builds fine motor skills! But, depending on how art is created, it can even develop gross motor skills too (we have painted with our feet!)

-Making scribbles and lines is a precursor to writing. It’s so exciting to see toddlers making creative marks in this way because it’s the first step to a long life of writing and communicating through the written word.

-Creating art helps to develop problem solving skills and critical thinking. Both so vital for adult life. These two skills alone help to foster an attitude of flexibility around daily problems and peace with the outcomes.

– It’s expressive! If your child can’t find the words to describe their feelings, perhaps the work they create will do the talking for them.

– Art provides connection. It’s a safe space for kids to connect on common ground. Art knows no race or gender. It is a mutually shared space for children to interpret their own work and that of their peers.

– It helps to develop their language. Asking children to share and explain their creative choices is a rich way to develop new vocal and even build conversational skills. Swipe to see some (literally just the tip of the iceberg) of our son’s artwork spread out all over our house!

Can I leave you with these questions.

– Do your kids love to create?  Where do you keep them all?  Do you have a dedicated space for displaying art or is it all over like our place?

Leave a comment below and let me know!


Happy creating everyone!

A xo